Widely used Water Damage Restoration Equipment pack

Widely used Water Damage Restoration Equipment pack


The Industrial Flood Restoration Premium Pro Package with LGR Dehumidifier, Air Scrubber, Air Movers, and Low Profile Air Movers Combo is a bundle of equipment designed for use in the process of professional flood restoration.

The package includes an LGR (low grain refrigerant) dehumidifier, which is a type of dehumidifier that uses refrigerant technology to remove moisture from the air. This can be useful in flood restoration because it helps to lower the humidity in a flooded or wet area, which reduces the risk of mold growth and other damage.

The package also includes an HEPA Air Scrubber, which is a device that uses HEPA filters to remove contaminants and odors from the air. This is very useful in flood restoration as it improves the air quality in a flooded area, which can reduce the risk of respiratory problems and other health issues.

The package includes low profile air movers used for air movement and circulation at the restoration site. This helps to circulate air and dry out wet area and materials, which speeds up the drying process and reduce the risk of further damage.

Overall, this restoration package is intended to provide professionals in the flood restoration industry with a range of equipment that helps them effectively dry out and restore flooded buildings and other structures.

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